How To Download Free
G-Nize Beats
Read Below.....

Step 1: Log onto or use beat store below.  

Step 2: Once Beat store is up, scroll down to the beat you wish to download for FREE. Click on green download button beside name of beat. Note: All free beats will have a green download button like image below. 

Step3: Once you've clicked green download button it will then ask you for your name and email. Once you input your name and email click on Green button that says "Get Free Download".

Step 4: Once you complete steps 1 through 3, check your email address you provided and an email with your free download will be there. If you do not see email with free beat, check your spam folder. 

Note: All free downloads will be treated as a basic (mp3) lease. ( Click Here to read rights)

Hope you enjoy your Free download!